Under the moustache of Turkey

Our feeling is that here, distance between people is drastically shorter than in any other place we have known since our trip started in Paris. Closer, people are definitely closer to each other. And so far, we can only say: good for us! We are glad – and still always surprised – when somebody approaches us and asks if we need any help. If we say that indeed we do, we might be taken into a captain’s office and sent to an hotel by order and invitation of the officer!

Through this selection of photos, we show portraits of Turkish people who have given us a hand in a way or another: an invitation to stay overnight (offered with an incredible straightforwardness), a meal in a restaurant, uncountable glasses of  »Turkish » black tea, an extra (and over sweet) dessert, a handshake, a smile (under a moustache), a compliment.

A red-and-white ship will drop us this afternoon in Istanbul. We’ll stay there for almost three weeks, selling our pictures and the DVD we edited from the documentaries we shot in Europe.

Photos: Andrés Fluxa

A propos Clémence Egnell

Ce blog décrit, illustre et raconte des moments vécus sur ou à côté de nos vélos, sur les routes d'Europe, d'Asie et d'Amérique. Bonne visite ! Clémence Egnell et Andrés Fluxa
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